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Major Orbert Jager[note 1] was the flight leader of the Belkan Air Force's Gelb Team.


Jager and his wingman, Rainer Altman, executed complicated maneuvers with perfection that earned their squadron the nickname of "The Couple Cormorants". They were stretched thin by Belkan command, flying multiple sorties per day with little maintenance in between.[1]

On May 21, 1995, Jager and Altman were sent directly from a prior sortie[1] to Directus, Ustio to prevent the Allied Forces from liberating the capital. They arrived late to the city but intercepted the Allied Forces' Galm Team regardless.[2] Galm Team shot down both pilots; Altman survived and ejected but Jager was killed.[3]


  1. Orbert Jager (オルベルト・イェーガー Oruberuto I~ēgā)


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