Operation Snake Pit

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"Kid, it has to be straight on, or the missiles won't make it inside, got it?"

Operation Snake Pit was an operation that focused on destroying an ammunition dump at Duga, Yuktobania. [1]


After Wardog Squadron destroyed the Yuktobanian forces at Apito International Airport, they were reassigned to support the Osean Army. Several days later, Wardog Squadron was sent to destroy a Yuktobanian supply facility. [1]


Wardog faced resistance from shoulder-mounted SAMs and enemy fighters. However, they were eventually able to destroy the tunnels, which resulted in the destruction of the Yuktobanian supply facility. [1]


With the destruction of the supply facility, the Yuktobanian Army lost a crucial lifeline. As a result, the Yuktobanians' ability to conduct operations was reduced across the entire nation. [1]