Operation Arcadia

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"Razgriz, we wish you the best of luck. Launch."
― Excerpt from mission briefing

Operation Arcadia was the final battle of the Circum-Pacific War. The SOLG, whose control system was destroyed by the Razgriz Squadron, initiated a fail-safe procedure and began to fall to Earth.

The Razgriz directly attacked and destroyed the SOLG, despite interference from the Grabacr and Ofnir Squadrons, who were decimated in the dogfight.

Control system destruction

On the night of December 30, 2010, the Razgriz Squadron joined a coalition of Osean and Yuktobanian forces. They entered a large tunnel at the Gründer Industries HQ in Sudentor, North Osea, and destroyed the SOLG control system. The SOLG, then controlled by the Grey Men, was carrying a V2 missile on board with the potential to destroy half of all major cities in either Osea or Yuktobania.[1]

The Grey Men programmed a fail-safe into the SOLG if contact with its control devices was lost; it would crash onto Oured, Osea's capital, which would physically detonate the V2 and destroy the city. The Razgriz commenced their final sortie to prevent the catastrophic event.[2]

Battle over Oured

A highway in Oured was used as a makeshift runway, as the Razgriz's home base - the OFS Kestrel - had been sunk prior to the Sudentor battle. On the morning of December 31, the Razgriz launched off the highway and approached the optimal point of descent to attack the SOLG.[2]

While en route, a double formation of the Grabacr and Ofnir Squadrons intervened, intending to stop the Razgriz from attacking the satellite. By the end of the ensuing dogfight, all of the Belkan pilots were either shot down or had self-destructed.[2]

The Razgriz made it to the descent point and concentrated their attacks on the SOLG's structural components. As the satellite began to break apart, its core units became vulnerable. The Razgriz focused their fire on these units, which caused the satellite to explode over Oured Bay.[2]


This operation marked the end of the Circum-Pacific War. The Grey Men's retaliatory plot for their country's defeat in the Belkan War was thwarted, and the Razgriz became a legend, the pilots being known affectionately as the "Aces of Razgriz".[2]

Osean President Vincent Harling announced at the Osean Federation Council Meeting in 2013 that all war records, including the revelation of the Razgriz Squadron's identities, would be released by the government in 2020.[3]