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This page contains a transcript of "Epilogue", the 29th and final cutscene in Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War. It immediately plays after "The Unsung War" during a campaign run.


Excerpts from "Aces, Demons, and Ghosts: Mysterious Heroes of the Belkan Conflict"
- OBN Journal, July 2014 Special Issue -

Speculations abound over the true identity of the "Aces of Razgriz," a small squadron of fighter pilots which played a key role in resolving the Circum-Pacific War (Belkan Conflict), and has since disappeared without a trace.

Some still firmly believe that this squadron was in fact the Sand Island detachment of the Osean Air Force 108th Tactical Fighter Squadron, better known as Sand Island Squadron.

Feared among Yuktobanian troops as the "Demons of Razgriz," the ferocity of this squadron's combat power is said to have weakened the resolve to fight among many in the front lines.

To date, very little information has been obtained regarding Sand Island Squadron itself.

The last recorded account is a report dated December 7, 2010, stating that all planes from Sand Island Squadron had been shot down over the Ceres Ocean. No records about them have since been found.

There are, however, numerous similarities that connect Sand Island Squadron to the "Demons of Razgriz."

Whatever the truth may be, the memory of this mysterious squadron, hailed both as aces and demons – and, at one point, as ghosts – still lives among us.

Vincent Harling, 48th President of the Osean Federation, has announced last year at the 2013 Osean Federation Council Meeting that in the year 2020, the government will release to the public all records from every department pertaining to the Belkan Conflict.

In a speech following his announcement, President Harling declared the following:

"We must let time shed light on the truth behind this conflict. In the meantime, the world has already begun to head down a new path."

"And this path shall go on, as long as the blaze of fire that shines through the darkness is not extinguished."


Albert Genette (narrating): Peace has once again spread across the world. The "Aces of Razgriz" never flew in the skies of battle again. Above the clouds, there was only a clear blue sky, no longer in need of heroes. And perhaps, that's exactly what they were hoping for all this time.