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"You're the Demons of Razgriz? ... Then we're going to turn this place into a demon's graveyard."
― Heimeroth to Blaze[1]

Captain Michael Heimeroth (マイケル・ハイメロス Maikeru Haimerosu) was an ace pilot of the Belkan Air Force, a vehement nationalist, and flight leader of Ofnir Squadron.

Heimeroth served in the 1995 Belkan War and later helped instigate the 2010 Circum-Pacific War while under the employ of the shadowy "Grey Men". He was killed in action over Oured Bay on December 31, 2010 during his final confrontation with the legendary Razgriz Squadron.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early life[edit | edit source]

Heimeroth was born in the Belkan Federation in 1972. He joined the Belkan Air Force at some point in his youth and eventually enrolled at the prestigious Kellerman Institute. After graduating, he was assigned to the 6th Air Division's 5th Tactical Fighter Squadron.[2]

Belkan War[edit | edit source]

Heimeroth's formal combat service began with the Belkan War's outbreak in March 1995. Despite his rookie status, he demonstrated remarkable flying abilities and successfully shot down 25 Allied aircraft.[2]

On May 28, Heimeroth and his squadmates were dispatched to Area B7R to defend the airspace from attacking Allied fighters. During the massive aerial engagement, he was shot down by the Allies' mercenary ace, Cipher. Heimeroth safely bailed out from his destroyed aircraft and returned to service sometime afterward.[2][3] Eventually, Heimeroth was promoted to Captain and became the new flight leader of his unit, which adopted Heimeroth's personal callsign as its own.

Collusion with the Grey Men[edit | edit source]

In 1998,[citation needed] Heimeroth and his men were transferred to the Yuktobanian Air Force as part of an international cooperative gesture between Yuktobania and its former enemy, Belka.[4] It is presumed that the existence of Ofnir Squadron—much like that of their Osea-based counterparts, Grabacr Squadron—remained largely unknown to the Yuktobanian military. His squadron's activities during this time are shrouded in mystery.

However, Heimeroth's true allegiance remained with Belka. Sometime between 1995 and early 2010, he and his men began subversive operations with Belkan nationalists known as the "Grey Men" to avenge their nation's crushing defeat in 1995. Although details remain unknown, Heimeroth and his men worked in some capacity with Grabacr Squadron to reignite tensions between the two world superpowers.[5]

Attempt to eliminate Razgriz Squadron[edit | edit source]

Heimeroth and his Ofnir squadmates flying Su-35 Super Flanker's through Payavlenie Ravine
"We'll find out if they're ghosts or not... when we take them on in combat."
― Heimeroth to his wingmen[1]

Sometime on or after December 7, Heimeroth was informed by Grabacr that Wardog Squadron had been shot down and killed over the Ceres Ocean. However, the liberation of Osean President Vincent Harling (December 9) and the incidents at Mount Schirm (December 10 and 12) led Heimeroth to suspect otherwise. On December 16, he and his squadron were dispatched to Payavlenie Ravine to help recover the nuclear warhead (intended for the Belkan aggressors in Yuktobania) that had fallen into the hands of the local resistance.[1]

Upon arriving at the airspace, he discovered that the Varyag Special Forces unit had been already eliminated by a single squadron of jet-black fighters. When his second-in-command voiced his skepticism that these unknown fighters were in fact the Razgriz, Heimeroth assured his squadmates that they would find out by challenging them in combat. During the ensuing pursuit through the ravines, he directly asked the mysterious squadron leader if he and his wingmen were the Razgriz. After receiving a solitary "Yes" in response, Heimeroth asserted that his squadron would turn the ravine into a "demon's graveyard". Heimeroth, like his fellow wingmen, was ultimately shot down by the Razgriz;[1] however, he and his wingmen survived the encounter and shared their story with a fellow Grey Men operative, codenamed "Adler".[6]

Death[edit | edit source]

"It's time to settle this, evil ravens!"
― Heimeroth to Razgriz Squadron[7]

On December 31, Ofnir and Grabacr flew to Oured Bay to ensure that the Strategic Orbital Linear Gun (SOLG) descended through the atmosphere and impacted Osea's capital, Oured. During their approach towards the capital, Heimeroth and his countrymen once again encountered Razgriz Squadron, which was bound for the satellite's descent point. Despite outnumbering the Razgriz two to one, Heimeroth and his fellow Belkans were shot down in the ensuing dogfight. He is presumed to have been killed in action.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Heimeroth's callsign, "Ofnir", is derived from Ófnir, a serpent-like creature of Norse mythology that gnawed on the roots of the world tree, Yggdrasil.

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