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North Atlantic Treaty Organization

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The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is an international military alliance. The organization is based on a policy of mutual defense; member states agree to provide each other with defense against attacks by third parties.

NATO plays a major role in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon by supporting Task Force 108, a military coalition that also receives support from Russia's loyalist government. NATO does not appear in Ace Combat: Joint Assault or Ace Combat Infinity despite both games also taking place in the real world and featuring attacks on member states; NATO's role in those games is supplanted by the International Union Peacekeeping Force and the United Nations Forces, respectively.

Assault Horizon universe

Bosnian War

NATO's intervention in the Bosnian War in 1995 included air strikes and bombing campaigns against the Army of Republika Srpska, who were being secretly supported by Russia.[1] Russian pilots were sent to bolster the ARS in the air, including Andrei Markov who is believed to have shot down at least one NATO aircraft.[1] William Bishop, a rookie at the time, also participated in the war, flying for NATO as part of Wolf Squadron in his first combat sorties.[2]

An American-led NATO bombing raid—performed by two B-2A Spirits escorted by four F-15C Eagles—went off-course and struck a civilian center,[note 1] with Markov's wife Krista Yoslav among the casualties. Markov and his friend, Sergei Illich, discovered her body just as the bombers left and swore revenge.[1]

NRF uprising

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  1. Jim DeFelice noted on his website that this particular story element was entirely fictional, adding that "the Americans went to great lengths to hold down civilian casualties" in the Bosnian War.[3]


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