First Battle of Tokyo

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For the battle between the Japan Self-Defense Forces and remnants of the New Russian Federation, see Battle of Tokyo.

The First Battle of Tokyo was an assault on Tokyo by unknown forces.[1]


After the Midway Incident, Martinez Security and the United States Navy Seventh Fleet attempted to prevent the unknown aircraft from reaching Tokyo.[2] However, the unknown aircraft were able to reach the city. In addition, there were reports that these forces were being supported by a large aircraft with heavy firepower. As a result, Martinez Security, the JSDF and the Seventh Fleet prepared to defend Tokyo.[1]


Martinez Security and the Seventh Fleet arrived in time to support the defense, but not before the large aircraft, codenamed Spiridus, fired its Balaur railgun at Tokyo Bay, causing extensive damage. However, Antares One was able to keep the Balaur from firing again by repeatedly attacking the Spiridus's heat vent. After several attacks, the Balaur was eventually disabled entirely, and the Spiridus was forced to retreat; after additional fighting, the airspace over Tokyo was soon cleared of enemy fighters. [1]


Tokyo was successfully defended, but the Spiridus mysteriously disappeared near the Izu Islands; as a result, Antares One and Rigel Squadron were placed on standby in the event of another attack.[1] In addition, a terrorist organization calling itself the Valahia claimed responsibility for the attack. [3]