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All right, gentlemen, it's time to clean house!
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The Ustian Army is the land warfare service branch of Ustio. Although they were small in numbers, the Army played an important role during the Belkan War of 1995.


The Belkan War

In 1995, the nation of Belka, which was suffering from extreme economic strife, had set out to invade its neighbors. Almost immediately, the military forces of Ustio were caught off-guard and were nearly wiped out; only after the Belkan forces were pushed back; did the tide begin to turn for the Ustian military. During the liberation of Directus, the capital of Ustio, the army was involved with the retaking of key positions of the city from stationed Belkan forces. Despite the ferocity of the Belkan occupiers, they were eventually repelled with the combined efforts of the army and mercenary pilots.

Later, after Area B7R had fallen to Allied Forces, the allies had begun a campaign to destroy Belka's war production capabilities. During Operation Cannibal, the Allied Forces were in the process of destroying factories and other facilities located in the city of Hoffnung. The Osean Air Defense Force and Osean Ground Defense Force had laid siege to the entire city.

In order to prevent the Allied Forces from pushing into north Belka, they set off seven tactical nuclear warheads on their own soil; effectively denying the allied ground forces any passage north. With the nuclear fallout, the Allies and the Belka were forced to sign a 'peace treaty', a treaty the heavily favored the Allied forces. Soon after the Belkan's surrender, did a new threat unveil itself. An extreme revolutionary group calling itself, "A World With No Boundaries". This renegade group sought to eliminate all who stood before their ultimate plan to create a 'better world'. This group attacked several locations throughout Belka and Ustio, including the Valais Air Base, where army defense forces attempted to shoot down attacking aircraft. The current status of the Ustian army is unknown, but it is assumed that they are still in active within the nation of Ustio.