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"Turn it to ashes! That's not enough! Drop more bombs!"
Allied Forces bomber crewman[1]

Hoffnung is a major city located in southeastern Belka, northeast of Sudentor and west of Belka's border with Recta. At the height of the Belkan War, Hoffnung was one the foremost arms-production centers for the Belkan war effort.


Hoffnung is situated near the convergence of two rivers that flow through the region. The rugged hills to the south of Hoffnung could possibly be the eastern foothills of the Waldreich Mountains. Hoffnung's various docking, warehouse, and manufacturing facilities line the river's west and southeast banks; the city's metropolitan center is located in the northeast quadrant. The city also possesses an airfield near its northeastern outskirts.

Panoramic view of Hoffnung during the Allied Forces's bombing on June 1, 1995


"So this is the price we pay for losing."
Belkan Air Force pilot[1]

On June 1, 1995, the Allied Forces launched a strategic bombing operation to eliminate Hoffnung's manufacturing capabilities, thereby crippling the Belkans' war effort. The operation was organized as a precision bombing strike, which limited the bombers' engagement to only military targets.[1]

At 2310hrs, the Allied bombers, supported by mercenary fighters such as Galm Team, commenced their attack on Hoffnung. However, the Allies' precision bombing campaign quickly devolved into a callous saturation bombing, which resulted in countless civilian casualties. When it became evident that Hoffnung was lost, the Belkan military received orders to destroy any remaining facilities and withdraw from the city. The damage inflicted by the Allies on Hoffnung was extensive, and, as a result, the Belkan military suffered a debilitating loss to its military-industrial complex.[1]



  • Hoffnung is German for "hope". The Belkan order to "abandon Hoffnung" can therefore be interpreted as "abandon hope".
  • The indiscriminate bombing of Hoffnung is reminiscent of the bombing of Dresden, Germany during WWII; both cities and their civilian populations were decimated by the attacks.