Transcript:King of the Heavens

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This page contains a transcript of "King of the Heavens", the 10th cutscene in Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown. It immediately plays before starting "Battle for Farbanti" during a campaign run.


Schroeder (narrating): Mihaly's second sortie was designed to calculate how his physiology changed under the stress of combat. My job was to compare his performance as a pilot now to when he was younger and understand how his skills evolved. To tell you the truth... I'm not sure I wanted to know the answers anymore. For a man his age, Mihaly's body was unbelievably resilient and remarkably flexible. His reflexes were as sharp as they ever were. Still... after all those years of flying in the layers of the outer atmosphere, even someone as strong as Mihaly wasn't immune to the effects of the strain. The human body is fragile. It was not meant to handle the excessive amounts of radiation that constantly bombarded the stratosphere. For Mihaly's second sortie, we used a flight suit that was still untested. He seemed fine on takeoff... but the time he landed back at the base, he was clearly a mess. He got caught on a surprise dog fight with an especially stubborn enemy. It took a while for Mihaly to bring him down. The suit was ineffective. According to the data, it wouldn't let him fly to his full potential. A new flight suit was made to my exact specifications. When it finally arrived, Mihaly's granddaughters glared at me with their disapproval. They blamed me for the pain their grandfather had to keep enduring. But Mihaly remained stoic. He wasn't the type of man who cared about anything that happened here on the ground. I wasn't worried about it. I was confident the new suit would protect him thoroughly, so that he could maneuver his plane any way he wanted. The moment he took off in his new flight suit... ...I realized what I had failed to before. Right after takeoff, as the wheels retracted, the plane suddenly arced up. It accelerated so quickly. I had never seen a plane move like that before. Mihaly hit the high Gs multiple times, before disappearing into the blue. The support team couldn't even keep up. And then I knew... I understood why he never seemed to care about restoring his stolen country back to its former glory. And why he didn't seem to care about anything that happened here on the ground. Of course. Mihaly's kingdom... was the sky.