Rocket Launcher (Small)

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The Rocket Launcher (Small) is a smaller variant of Rocket Launcher equipped for Piston Fighters. It only appears in Ace Combat Infinity. Unlike its Rocket Launcher counterpart, this smaller variant fires 8 rockets instead of 10.

Game Analysis

Ace Combat Infinity

"A special weapon that fires a succession of unguided rockets forward.
Although not suited to precision firing, they can be scattered across an impact site and cause considerable damage to the general vicinity. They can also be focused on a single point to cause devastating damage to a target.
The rockets for the piston aircraft are smaller than the standard rockets so the number of rockets fired are also smaller in number."
― Hangar


Lv.1 4 F E+ F D+ F A 0
Lv.2 15 F E+ F C F A+ 18,500
Lv.3 21 F E+ F C F A+ 72,000
Lv.4 43 F E+ F C F A+ 282,500
Lv.5 63 F D F C F A+ 616,250
Total Credit Price from Lv.0 to Lv.5 989,250