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For the aircraft, see ADF-11F Raven.

The Raven was an Aegis warship of the Erusean Navy and a key combat asset of the Aegir Fleet. She was sunk on November 23, 2004 during the ISAF's air raid on Comberth Harbor.


The ship's service history prior to 2004 is unknown, but at the end of the year, she had been deployed to Comberth Harbor for an intended strike on North Point to destroy the Independent State Allied Forces. This invasion never materialized due to the ISAF's interdiction operations that made it impossible to keep the Aegir Fleet fueled, and many of its warships remained docked in the port.[1]

On November 23, 2004, the ISAF launched Operation Rough Seas with the goal of sinking the Aegir Fleet while it was vulnerable. At 1200hrs, the Raven was escorting the aircraft carrier Geofon and flagship Tanager when ISAF fighters entered Comberth's airspace. Despite its anti-aircraft fire, the Raven was ultimately hit by missile fire and sank in the waters outside the harbor's entrance.[1]