Operation Rough Seas

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"Don't let them escape. Make 'em fish food!"
ISAF Air Force pilot[2]

Operation Rough Seas was a tactical air strike performed by ISAF fighters with the goal of crippling and sinking Erusea's "invincible" Aegir Fleet. The fleet had been immobilized by the successes of Operations Hunting Hawk and Early Bird weeks earlier. ISAF realized the time to strike the fleet was now, and launched an air raid on Comberth Harbor.[2]


This would be the final mission of ISAF's three-pronged campaign to eliminate the threat posed by the Eruseans' Aegir Fleet. After cutting off the fleet's supply of fuel and armaments, ISAF had left the Aegir Fleet stranded and relatively defenseless in Comberth Harbor. ISAF fighter squadrons would now strike the fleet and deal a definitive blow to the Federal Erusean Navy's maritime dominance.[3]


At midday on November 23, ISAF squadrons entered Comberth Harbor's airspace and proceeded to strike the Aegir vessels as they lay at anchor. The ISAF fighters inflicted heavy damage to the Aegir warships and support vessels, as well as the surrounding harbor facilities. The Aegir vessels were spread across the vast Comberth Harbor operational space: numerous warships were docked along the harbor's main docking facilities to the west; supplies and support ships, accompanied by several warships, were stationed in New Comberth Harbor to the north; and the fleet's submarines, as well as several more warships, were stationed at the submarine and dry-dock facilities to the east. In addition to engaging the Aegir Fleet's remaining combat strength, the ISAF fighters had to contend with an airspace that was peppered with Erusean fighters and anti-aircraft weaponry.[2]

Due to the operation's widespread nature and extended duration, ISAF Navy aircraft carriers were positioned out at sea, allowing ISAF fighters to quickly resupply and relaunch into battle. During the engagement, a detachment of the Aegir Fleet's capital ships attempted to escape the harbor to open waters, but were intercepted and summarily sunk.[2]


The air raid was a decisive victory for the ISAF, and would mark one of the many turning points in the Continental War. The Eruseans' so-called "Invincible" Aegir Fleet had been annihilated, ending Erusea's dominance over the waters surround Usea. More importantly, the ISAF had effectively forestalled or altogether averted Erusea's attempt to invade North Point, crush the Allies, and end the war. The victory would provide ISAF's troops with a much needed boost in morale.[4]