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The RTLS is a rail-based Tactical Laser System.



The RTLS was developed by Belka in the 1980s. It was developed to protect the surrounding airspace of the Excalibur system in Tauberg.[1][2]

Four RTLS were known to be deployed. These were based on a network of railroads built around Excalibur's position, which included underground sites. They were armed with a laser cannon capable of 360-degree rotation.[1][2]

In the Belkan War, the RTLS units were deployed to protect Excalibur against invading Allied Forces. All units were subsequently destroyed.[3]

Infinity universe

During Operation Eternal Liberation, Excalibur was protected by several RTLS units. These units could fire their TLS cannons in a near 180° angle within a certain radius. The units were paired in twos so as to cover each other's blind spots but in spite of that, there was still a narrow gap within their laser coverage, serving as their major weakness. This weakness was exploited by UNF pilots to their advantage so as to avoid both cannons and dispatch them safely.[4]


Ace Combat Infinity

Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War


  • The RTLS is visually modeled after the Krupp K5, a railway artillery gun fielded by Nazi Germany in World War II.