Plasma Beam

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The Plasma Beam is a missile-type weapon appearing exclusively in Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere.


Like the Neutron Beam, the Plasma Beam is a space-based weapon made by Neucom, and it is an energy weapon that consists of homing shots of plasma. It uses heat-based damage as opposed to kinetic-based damage. It is exclusive to the R-352 Sepia, but in the export release of the game, a cheat code exists to make it usable in other missions. Like the Sepia, this weapon only appears in Zero Gravity.

The Plasma Beam and Ace Combat 3'Missile have identical stats, and the actual Beam shot in-game has a missile nose cone when seen from the front of the trails. Whether this was unintentional or not is unknown, though this could be attributed to hardware or software limitations of the PlayStation.



  • As stated earlier, there is a cheat code for using this weapon outside of the mission Zero Gravity. By holding down Start and X on the weapon select menu, one can use the plasma beam in any mission in the game except for Bug Hunt. This cheat only applies to the export version of the game.