Pierre La Pointe

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Pierre La Pointe (ピエール·ラ·ポワントPiēru Ra Powanto) is the commander of the allied forces participating in the war of the Ace Combat: Assault Horizon timeline, as well as the leader of the NATO 108th Task Force. His position as general forces him to be both a NATO commander and a government diplomat. He apparently has a close friendship with Colonel William Bishop of the Warwolf Squadron, whose actions and words he holds in high regard.


SRN conflict

La Pointe is first shown in the level Inferno, talking to his Russian counterpart Ivan Stagleishov on NATO's fighter escort policy, in which the conversation is caught by William Bishop and José Gutierrez. He then informs Bishop to gather everything Task Force 108 has as a new weapon was found by helicopters a while ago, and to give it to his intelligence officer once information is found before leaving on his mission to defend Hamada.