Operation White Out

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Operation White Out, also known as the Battle of Mount Shezna, was an aerial assault by ISAF forces on the Erusean radar network atop Mt. Shezna during the Continental War.[1]


With North Point successfully defended from Erusean bombing campaigns, the ISAF's focus was to retreat and regroup its ground troops in preparation for a counterattack against Erusea. ISAF's ground forces began gathering at the northern port of Saint Ark; however, their escape route was covered by an Erusean radar network. In order to blind the Eruseans to ISAF's troop movements, ISAF fighters were dispatched to the radar sites to eliminate them.[2]


ISAF sent an aircraft carrier to the Gulf of St. Ark, which launched the aircraft that would be performing the air strike. When the ISAF squadrons reached the target area, the radar network sent out fighters as defense. The Erusean fighters were quickly dealt with, and the first radar network—consisting of five radar sites—was successfully destroyed. Another group of fighters was sent out by the second radar network, but they and the remaining facilities were destroyed as well. Upon verification of the radar's destruction, the fighters returned to base.[1]


The radar network atop Mount Shezna was completely destroyed, and Erusea had lost its eyes in the north. ISAF's ground troops were able to evacuate the mainland to North Point and being preparations for future deployment during ISAF's counteroffensive.[3]