Operation Gyre

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Operation Gyre was an air defense operation by the OADF on September 27, 2010.

Background[edit | edit source]

Airspace around Sand Island had already been violated once before on September 23, when a squadron of unknown aggressors opened fire on a training squadron, killing ten pilots. Osean airspace was again violated the following day when an SR-71 was shot down, along with a flight of unknown aggressors. Airspace remained calm for two days. 

Summary[edit | edit source]

On September 27, a ship of unknown origin was detected approaching the Sand Island coastline, launching numerous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). It was presumed that the UAVs were performing spy operations on Sand Island, so Wardog Squadron was scrambled to intercept and destroy them. 

After Wardog Squadron destroyed all UAVs, AWACS Thunderhead advised the squadron that multiple bogeys were inbound and closing fast. Captain Jack Bartlett, realizing that Wardog Squadron was outnumbered, ordered a mission abort. Wardog 3 took fire, at which point Captain Bartlett returned fire and ordered the squadron to do the same.

Wardog Squadron downed eight additional bogeys against the orders of AWACS. After the engagement, a missile alert was still in effect, at which time the spy vessel fired a SAM at Wardog 2. Captain Bartlett tricked the missile into following him, and was hit by it. He ejected from his aircraft and landed in the water, at which time the remainder of Wardog Squadron was informed that Yuktobania had declared war on Osea, and was recalled back to the base to refeuel and rearm.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

The unknown ship ceased operations and left Osean waters.

Wardog Squadron was redeployed to St. Hewlett, where the Yuktobanian Air Force had launched a surprise attack on the 3rd Osean Naval Fleet stationed there. 

Captain Jack Bartlett was not found by the rescue party sent for him, and was deemed Missing In Action (MIA).