Operation Count Down

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This article concerns the Ace Combat Infinity event. For the event in Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies, see Operation Countdown.

"If we lose this facility, the enemy will have the upper hand via satellite orbit."
AWACS Sky-Eye[1]

Operation Count Down[2] was a battle during the USEAn War. The United Nations prevented Comona Base from being captured by the USEA Federation.[1]


Battle of Comona

On the day of a rocket launch, the USEA Federation launched an attack on Comona Base. Forces stationed at Comona were vastly outnumbered, and as a result, the United Nations Forces deployed mercenary squadrons to defend the base.[1]

Shortly after arriving, both squadrons engaged the USEAn forces. The combined efforts of both squadrons resulted in many USEAn forces being eliminated. Ultimately, the USEA Federation failed to capture Comona.[1] During the battle, the Comona Base successfully conducted a launch operation.[1]

Second battle of Comona

The USEA Federation later attempted another attack, this time with greater forces. Despite their increased numbers, the operation failed.[3]