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For the drones that support the CFA-44 Nosferatu, see UAV-45.

"For a remote-control drone, that thing's attacks are way too lethal."

The MQ-90L Quox bis is a laser-equipped variant of the MQ-90 Quox, an unmanned combat drone developed by the Japan Air Self-Defense Force in the Infinity universe.


Like the MQ-90, the Quox bis is named after the dragon of the same name from the 1984 Namco game The Tower of Druaga. The word "bis," however, means "second," referring to the fact that the MQ-90L is not the original Quox model. A similar naming pattern is used by the MiG-21bis Fishbed.


Development blueprints of the MQ-90L

The MQ-90L's design is almost identical to that of the MQ-90. It features a tailless W-wing aerodynamic design based on the ASF-X Shinden II. Its wings are capable of retracting and extending to modify its maneuverability.[2]

Unlike the MQ-90, the MQ-90L does not feature advanced GPS technology for navigation. It was replaced with a satellite communications relay that bounces off of the QFA-44 Camilla; the QFA-44 can therefore take direct control of the MQ-90L.[3] A Tactical Laser System sits above the nose, which can attack enemy targets or defend the QFA-44 from enemy fire. This TLS unit is equipped with a visual identification system that recognizes pilots' flight helmets. It only activates in close proximity in order to kill enemy pilots after bailing out.[1]


Sometime in the late 2010s, a number of MQ-90s were stolen.[4] A selection of these were upgraded to MQ-90Ls. They were first used during the USEA Federation's invasion of Tokyo against Bone Arrow Squadron and Ridgeback Squadron. They shot down a number of UNF aircraft, including Slash, who managed to eject but was killed by the visual ID system on the MQ-90Ls' TLS units.[1]

The MQ-90Ls later appeared during Operation Battle Axe to support the QFA-44 against the UNF squadrons in Area B7R, Nevada.[3] They then supported all QFA-44 units that were used against the UNF in all USEA-held territories during Operation Eternal Liberation.



  • The MQ-90L's laser model is a downscaled version of the "Zoisite" pod seen on the ADFX-01 and ADFX-02 Morgans.