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The Hi-TASM is a powerful thermobaric missile deployed by the Valahia and the Golden Axe Plan Private Army. It causes a massive, vaporizing explosion at low altitude.


  • It is unknown what "Hi-TASM" stands for. Possibilities include "High-Impulse Thermobaric Air Suppression Missile", "High-Power Thermobaric Air Suppression Missile"[1] and "High Temperature Air Suppression Missile"[2]
  • The Hi-TASM can be considered to be a missile variant of the Fuel Air Explosive Bomb, which causes a very similar thermobaric explosion.
  • Fans have incorrectly compared the Hi-TASM to the Shock Wave Ballistic Missile; the SWBM detonates everything within a large radius using shockwaves, whereas the Hi-TASM ignites oxygen in a very small radius to cause a massive explosion.


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