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All right, gentlemen, it's time to clean house!
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The Gabel Squadron is a squadron of the Belkan Air Force. Formed only by Heiko Reck & Fredi Starke, the TFS Gabel collaborated with the Schakal & Postler air units in the defense of Futuro Canal during the Belkan War, thus forming the "Winds of Futuro", which became the backbone of Belkan air forces throughout the front.

Gabel, like Schakal & Postler, were defeated on April 24, 1995, during Offensive Campaign No. 4101.


Belkan War

Gabel Team's only known action in the Belkan War was their involvement in Offensive Campaign No. 4101. Encountered in Operation Round Hammer, Gabel Team arrived to the combat zone in order to assist the Belkan ground forces at the northern end of Futuro Canal. Gabel was engaged by elements of the Osean/Ustian Air Forces, and were shot down. Both pilots were killed.


Heiko Reck

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Heiko Reck, flight leader of the Gabel Squadron. Attempted to defend friendly forces during Offensive Campaign 4101 on April 24, 1995, but was killed in action.

Fredi Starke

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Grandson of Jonas Starke, elite Belkan ace of the 1940s. Graduated from the Air Force Academy with honors. Defended the northern Belkan forces as Gabel's number two. Killed in action alongside his leader.