Donnie Torch

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All right, gentlemen, it's time to clean house!
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"Screw this war! We're gonna live like kings!"
― Donnie Torch

Donnie Torch is one of the members of Warlock Separate Battalion's, 4th Tank Company, Serval which is led by Sergeant Louis McKnight.


Donnie Torch had been a career criminal before enlisting. He was the one who suggested looting Gracemeria's Central Bank during the chaos of the war, believing that the Estovakians haven't been able to open the vault. He had insisted that he and an old bank job crew had dug a tunnel close to the banks' vault. However, despite the tunnel being off, his plan led to the unplanned rescue of Lt. Colonel Victor Voychek and several Emmerian children, including Matilda Herman, and the recovery of the Golden King.


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