Cobalt Cave

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Cobalt Cave is an island located in eastern Leasath.


During the Aurelian War, Cobalt Cave was transformed under Diego Navarro's direction into a research and development facility for chemical and energy weapons, most notably the High-Powered Microwave weapon. A control system for the satellites behind the HPM's functions was built in a cave on the main island, along with several satellite dishes across the island chain. Several warehouses were built at sea level on cliffs, allowing freighters to deliver and receive supplies in semi-enclosed docks that rendered them nearly impenetrable to aerial attacks.[1]

Towards the end of the war, Aurelian forces began to push into Leasath following the liberation of Griswall. Gryphus Squadron was dispatched to Cobalt Cave to prevent the HPM weapon from being delivered to Sentry Island. The squadron destroyed all transports en route to Sentry Island along with warehouses housing dangerous chemicals. An amphibious unit was also deployed to gather intelligence for the upcoming battle at Archelon Fortress, apprehending a Leasathian scientist in the process, who provided vital information on the microwave weapon and some of the technical specifications on the advanced aircraft Fenrir, the intended recipient.[2][3]