Cape Landers

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Cape Landers is a headland on the tip of the Osean continent's westernmost peninsula, west of Akerson Hill; it is surrounded by the Ceres Ocean. The area is predominantly used for agriculture, and the landscape is dotted with small rural towns. Basset Space Center and McNealy Air Force Base are located to the south on the tip of the peninsula. Cape Landers is also protected by the Osean Coastal Defense Force's automated anti-aircraft system.


Circum-Pacific War

On September 24, 2010, the day after several unidentified aircraft killed a number of Osean trainee pilots, an intruding reconnaissance aircraft was spotted over Cape Landers. Osean Coastal Defense Force SAMs fired on the spy plane and successfully damaged it. Wardog Squadron was dispatched from nearby Sand Island Air Force Base to perform the intercept. While attempting to force the recon plane to land, Wardog was engaged by another group of unidentified bogeys. Wardog downed all of the hostile aircraft in spite of the standing order not to open fire, and the spy plane crashed into the ocean. All information regarding the incidences over Cape Landers was subsequently classified by Osean Central Command.[1]



  • Namco's 50th Anniversary symbol is hidden in the fields just beyond a set of buildings on the coast, directly ahead of the mission's starting point.