Osean Coastal Defense Force

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The Osean Coastal Defense Force (OCDF) is a branch of the Osean Defense Forces. The Osean Coastal Defense Force, as its name states, is in charge of defending the Osean coast from air, land, or sea attacks. The OCDF most notably operates a series of Surface-to-Air (SAM) batteries along the Osean Coast.[1]


Sometime in 2010, the OCDF SAM batteries shot down a YAF X-02 Wyvern after it entered an unknown Osean airspace. Later, the downed aircraft was recovered and its wreckage sent to Sand Island Air Force Base, where it was left for the 703rd Maintenance Company.

Later, in September 24, 2010, the OCDF batteries managed to damage a SR-71 Blackbird spy plane that penetrated the Osean Air Defense Engagement Zone of Cape Landers. The Osean Air Defense Force's Wardog Squadron intercepted the plane and the reinforcements, however, due to it's damage, the spy plane exploded overland.[1]