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"Damn it, I was hoping they'd be too afraid to deal with nukes."
― Valahian soldier

Blockade is the 16th mission in Ace Combat: Joint Assault.


Burford: "A Valahia helicopter unit transporting nuclear fuel has been located close to the Dardanelles. The fuel is thought to be high weapons grade plutonium, stolen under cover of the London attack. They're likely transporting it to their missile silo to gain greater nuclear presence. They must be stopped at all costs. Antares Squadron, our role is not to attack, but rather to delay the transport helicopters. Allied forces are surrounding the area for an ambush, but need time. That's where we come in. It is imperative you do not attack the helicopter carrying the plutonium."


The CH-47 convoy carrying nuclear fuel is escorted by five AH-64As. Another group of five AH-64As will appear to protect the convoy after a while, destroy them while avoid hitting the convoy. One more group will try to ambush you as the convoy makes its way to the port, and the last helicopter group will spawn when the helicopter convoy is about to cross the river.

As the CH-47s lands and unloads its cargo, a number of AA guns and SAMs spawns around the port, along with a F-16C and the named ace of this mission.

Once the cargo transfer is complete, the cargo ship will then attempting to flee to the northeast. As it advances Burford will mention that the player can sink a Valahian cruiser as it closes in the container ship to temporarily stop it. The cruiser will be targetable once Burford gives the player order to sink it. A couple of F-16Cs will appear near the dashed line on the map every time the cargo ship is successfully halted. This process must be repeated for three more times until allied ships arrives. The last Valahian ship to approach the container ship is an Aegis-class warship instead of a cruiser. Sink it to make the allied fleet appear to the east of the dashed line, prompting the end of the mission.


Achieve score of 10000 or more by the time the mission is complete.

Ace Unit

Typhoon Element : Spawns once the transport helicopters land at the port.


Burford: The hostile fleet in the Dardanelles has been sunk and the nuclear fuel recovered. All that's left now is destroying the enemy's silo. We must stop the insanity of the Valahia... the insanity of Dumitrescu.


The Turkish port city, where the CH-47 helicopters unload the nuclear fuel is called Çanakkale.