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The Osean Airborne Brigade 1st Battalion,[a] colloquially referred to as the 1st Airborne Battalion[1] or, erroneously, First Fighter Wing,[1] was an Osean Ground Defense Force battalion that served in the Circum-Pacific War. The unit assisted Razgriz Squadron in entering the SOLG control facility during the Battle of Sudentor.[1]


The Japanese term for the unit, オーシア空挺旅団第一大隊,[1] directly translates to "Osean Airborne Brigade 1st Battalion". This can be shortened to "1st Airborne Battalion", which is stated in the English version of the game during an in-mission cutscene. During mission gameplay, however, the unit refers to itself as the "First Fighter Wing"; this appears to be a localization error, as the speaker is labeled "Friend[sic] Osean Helicopter" and a fighter wing would necessitate fighter aircraft rather than helicopters.


On December 30, 2010, the 1st Airborne Battalion received Vincent Harling and Seryozha Viktrovich Nikanor's joint address calling for an end to hostilities between Osea and Yuktobania. The unit's brigade commander, supposedly unconvinced by the speech, was knocked unconscious by his subordinates.[1] As requested by Harling and Nikanor,[2] the unit made their way towards Sudentor, North Osea to confront the war's true instigators.[1]

The 1st Airborne Battalion―along with other Osean and Yuktobanian forces―allied itself with Razgriz Squadron and supported the assault on the SOLG control facility in Sudentor. During the engagement, Razgriz Squadron suppressed the anti-aircraft fire around the facility, allowing a Yuktobanian air assault team to land. The 1st Airborne Battalion followed in their wake, landing on the roof of the tunnel entrance and helping to open the shutter so Razgriz could fly inside.[1]


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