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Valka (ヴァルカ)[1] is a kingdom located on the Verusan continent.


Dominic Zubov joined Valka's Royal Air Force in the late 1980s while traveling as a freelance mercenary. He would not stay long, as he joined the Belkan Air Force by 1990.[1]


  • Valka shares its name and Japanese katakana with the city of Valka, Latvia. It is notable for being separated from the city of Valga, Estonia solely by the Latvian-Estonian border.
    • Due to the similar names, some Ace Combat fans have mistaken this Strangereal country's name as Valga. However, the katakana for Valga (ヴァルガ) is slightly different from the katakana for Valka, and only the latter is directly used in Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War promotional material.[1]


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