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Strike Fighter Squadron 206 (VFA-206) was a fighter squadron of Osean Maritime Defense Force's Air Carrier Wing Seven[1], stationed aboard the 3rd Osean Naval Fleet's flagship OFS Kestrel.


Sometime prior to 2010, Captain Marcus Snow became the commanding officer of VFA-206. On September 27, 2010, the Kestrel and other warships of the 3rd Osean Naval Fleet were attacked at St. Hewlett harbor by Yuktobanian aircraft. VFA-206 was launched to engage the enemy forces and defend the fleet. Through the combined efforts of the air wing and Wardog Squadron, the Kestrel successfully escaped into the Ceres Ocean.[2]

Several days later, on September 30, during the rendezvous operation at the Eaglin Straits, the Kestrel and its fellow aircraft carriers, the OFS Buzzard and Vulture, fell under attack by Yuktobanian fighters. VFA-206 and Wardog once again successfully defended the Osean warships. Unfortunately, VFA-206 suffered considerable casualties during the Scinfaxi's surprise burst-missile attack: only Captain Snow returned to the Kestrel, which also survived the attack.[3]

As the war progressed, VFA-206 and the Kestrel saw action along the western front as Osea's invasion of Yuktobania progressed. However, VFA-206 suffered more casualties with each new sortie. Without an adequate number of pilots to fly its aircraft, the Kestrel was placed in reserve and stationed at Kirwin Island in the Arctic Ocean.[4]

After the fugitive Wardog pilots were brought aboard the Kestrel on December 7, Snow, being one of the few surviving members of VFA-206, joined them in the newly formed Razgriz Squadron.[5] VFA-206 was likely disbanded after Snow's reassignment to Razgriz Squadron.