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This page contains a transcript of "Offline", the 11th cutscene in Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown. It immediately plays before starting "Last Hope" during a campaign run.


Schroeder (narrating): As far as the chaos we find ourselves in these days, it's difficult to say which side pulled the trigger first. Erusea deployed an automatic intercept system with drones. Osea implemented long-range attacks to bypass them. So, Erusea decided to sabotage Osea's communications and navigation technology. Erusea couldn't launch a satellite themselves, but they were still able to hack the software of the Osean transmission and navigation systems. Before Osea even noticed, half of that satellites were hijacked. That's when things got ugly. In an attempt to knock out each other's capabilities, both forces launched fighters loaded with anti-satellite missiles at the same time. Only military satellites were targeted, however... their destruction created a debris field in orbit, which wiped out scores of other satellites... both private and government-owned. What kept the world relatively sane up to that point, had been free-flowing data and information. But now, those were gone. All that remained was chaos and confusion. Government and civilian broadcasts and transmissions were cut off. The flow of information had ceased. Forces on both sides of the conflict now found themselves unable to communicate with their superiors. Many of the smaller countries, annexed by Erusea and yearning for their independence, seized the opportunity and started their own uprisings. As for why some of Osea's military decided to break off from the main force and continue on their own... I have no idea. Perhaps there was some sort of dispute over the chain of command. The continent that had once seen wars that were only fought between Osea and Erusea, was now full of numerous conflicts between rival leaders vying for power. Insurgencies were everywhere. I even heard a rumor that a group of Osean convicts had rebelled. Rumors... It never ceased to amaze me, that even at a crazy time like this, something as trivial as a rumor could find its way here. Communications from corporate were cut off. Apparently, the entire computer network was down. It was a wise decision to make our drones autonomous with A.I., instead of being radio-controlled. Wise and forward-thinking. Even with their GPS offline, they can still use their sensors to navigate as long as they're working properly. I'm sure the drones are still working perfectly... following their mission orders to the letter. I wish I could upload Mihaly's new data to them. But without a connection, I can't upload the software to the active drones. The new ones we're making, though... there should still be enough time to upgrade those before they're activated. I'll be taking the data away from the frontlines now. Oh, and... I'll be taking the girls too. I told my assistant, Massa, it was time to get Mihaly's granddaughters ready to leave here. She's not much older than the girls. But she has a way about her and I'm sure she won't have any trouble with them. I saw a plane flying off in the distance. I imagine it was looking for a safer place. The plane had a rose emblem on it.