Missile Air Defense Force

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The Missile Air Defense Force was a branch of the Erusean military. Before the Continental War, it was a division of the Erusean Air Force known as the Missile Air Defense Division.[1]


Prior to 2003, the Missile Air Defense Division was used as a place to send demoted Erusean Air Force officers into a de facto exile. After Erusea invaded San Salvacion and captured Stonehenge, the division was reformed as a separate branch of the Erusean military and renamed to the "Missile Air Defense Force". The branch became part of the newly-formed defense network guarding Stonehenge alongside the railguns themselves and the Erusean Air Force.[1]

Due to the history between the Missile Air Defense Force and the Air Force, formerly-demoted officers still held grudges, causing poor relations between the two branches. Excessive bureaucracy also contributed to slow progress. Animosity grew when Stonehenge accidentally shot down an Erusean fighter, resulting in high officer turnover. Erusean officials determined that excessive overlap between the branches caused the incident, resulting in many squadrons being reassigned from Stonehenge. This left Erusea's defense of Stonehenge to be overly reliant on Yellow Squadron.[1]

On April 2, 2005, the Independent State Allied Forces launched Operation Stone Crusher. Ultimately, the defense network failed to prevent Mobius 1 and the ISAF Air Force from destroying the seven active Stonehenge railguns and shooting down a member of Yellow Squadron, Yellow 4.[2]

In September 2005, the ISAF emerged victorious in the Continental War.[3] As a result, Erusea's military was disbanded and reorganized into a force that only supported the minimum capabilities required for self-defense.[4] The Missile Air Defense Force's fate in the reorganization is unknown.