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The Medals section in Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation

Medals are achievements earned within various Ace Combat games for completing certain tasks. Medals were introduced in Ace Combat 2 and have made many appearances since.


Medals are typically a small addition to each game they appear in, with no in-game effect otherwise upon earning them. They serve as an additional goal for players who wish to complete each game to their fullest by assigning certain tasks to complete. The most common medal in the series asks players to shoot down a certain number of enemies across all playthroughs (usually 1,000). Others include completing the story mode on certain difficulties, earning S Ranks on all missions on certain difficulties, and more.

Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation was the first game to extend the medals system beyond simple in-game goals. Some of the game's Xbox LIVE achievements require earning medals; one achievement in particular requires eventually earning all of the medals.

Ace Combat Infinity was the first game in the series to introduce an in-game reward for earning medals (called "Performance Evaluations" in that game). Each medal has a specific credit reward attached to it that gets added to the player's total credits earned for the mission in which they earned it.

Lists of Medals

See the following articles for lists of medals per game:

Also see MVPs for the post-match bonuses in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon multiplayer that function similarly to medals.