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Manfred Netzer,[note 1] callsign Wuerfel, was a Belkan Air Force pilot.


"Wuerfel" (actual spelling Würfel) is German for "cube"/"dice."


Manfred Netzer was born in Belka in 1968. Before the Belkan War began, he enlisted in the BAF, got married, and fathered a young child, while also writing a diary, addressed to his family, that he kept in his Mirage 2000D.

On April 15, 1995 during the war, Netzer was deployed to Route 171 to help stop an Allied Forces counterattack, but was shot down and killed in an air battle. Both him and his fighter, along with the diary, were recovered.[note 2]

After the war's end, the diary was published under the title A Letter to My Lovely Rose, which became a bestseller.[1]


  1. Manfred Netzer (マンフレート・ネッツァー Manfurēto Nettsu)
  2. The English version of his Assault Record omits the child's age and aircraft recovery.