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"This is Leopard, flying north of Gnome Ravine. Are the jammers disabled yet SkyEye?"
― Leopard[1]

Leopard was the callsign of an Independent State Allied Forces U-2 spy plane during the Continental War. Leopard was responsible for recovering the first reconnaissance images of Erusea's missile-launch facility, codenamed "Megalith".


In early May 2005, Leopard was dispatched on a reconnaissance mission deep within Erusean territory. During the operation, Leopard obtained photographic evidence of a new Erusean superweapon, codenamed "Megalith", which was intended to replace the recently destroyed Stonehenge. After completing its surveillance mission, Leopard began the return trip to friendly territory.[1]

At some point along the way, Leopard began experiencing engine trouble, which prevented the aircraft from flying at high altitudes. In order to cross the Lambert Mountains, Leopard was forced to fly through Gnome Ravine, one of the few low-altitude passes through the mountain range. However, heavy fog and a large number of airship-mounted noise jammers made safe passage through the ravine nearly impossible. On May 7, ISAF ace Mobius 1 was dispatched to escort Leopard and ensure its return.[1]

At approximately 1112hrs, Leopard reached the ravine and discovered that Mobius 1 had dramatically reduced the radar interference, allowing it to fly through the mountains. Despite being ambushed by several Erusean fighters, Leopard returned to an ISAF air base.[1] Later examination of the data collected by Leopard confirmed the existence of Megalith, which was under construction at the time.[2]



  • When Leopard asks if the jammers have been disabled, SkyEye responds, "ISAF will handle the jammers." This indicates that Leopard was not affiliated with the ISAF itself.
  • Leopard's use of the word "we" indicates that more than one crew member is on board the U-2. In reality, the U-2 variant featured in the game is a single-seater aircraft.