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Before the two planes take off, capture both of them in one shot. Got it?
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Krylo Air Field, alternatively Krylo Airfield, is a Yuktobanian Air Force base on the Pobeda Peninsula in northeastern Yuktobania.[1]


In the early stages of the Circum-Pacific War, the Yuktobanian Army deposed Prime Minister Nikanor[2] and imprisoned him in the nearby Shtil Internment Camp. The Yuktobanian resistance, including Nastasya Vasilievna Obertas with support from Jack Bartlett and Razgriz Squadron, rescued Nikanor from the camp and traveled to Krylo Air Field. Resistance elements at the air field seized a C-1 Trader to use in Nikanor's escape. Upon arriving, Nikanor, Obertas, and Bartlett boarded the C-1 and Bartlett flew it to the OFS Kestrel. Grabacr Squadron intercepted them but was shot down by Razgriz Squadron.[1]


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