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"I see them, got a tally-ho on the bandits."
― Jean-Louis[2] approaching Mobius Squadron

Jean-Louis Flaubert (ジャン-ルイ・フローベル Jan-Rui Furobēru)[1] was a young Federal Erusea Air Force officer and flight leader of the Megalith defense squadron. Jean-Louis was one of the many Eruseans who refused to accept their nation's recent defeat in the Continental War.[2]


Originally a trainee at an aviation reserve officer school,[1] Jean-Louis refused to accept Erusea's surrender and, alongside many other young Erusean officers, captured and activated Megalith. The Erusean dissidents planned to use the missile-launch facility to shoot down lingering fragments of the Ulysses 1994XF04 asteroid in orbit onto the Usean continent.[2]


When the ISAF launched its attack on the facility, Jean-Louis led the Erusean defense fighters against the incoming Mobius Squadron, with Gene as his second-in-command. After an intense dogfight over the ocean, Jean-Louis, along with the rest of the squadron, was shot down by the veteran Mobius pilots, and Erusea's last superweapon was destroyed soon after.[2]


  • After Jean-Louis is shot down, the dialogue of the remaining pilots becomes more frantic.
  • Jean-Louis' Su-37 did not have a known number in the game, but it is later retconned to be "021" in both Hasegawa's Su-33 Yellow model kit[1] and Ace Combat Infinity's Su-37 -Jean Louis- 4 Star Aircraft.png Special Aircraft.
  • In Ace Combat Infinity, "Jean-Louis" became a usable nickname and "Oh! Jean-Louis' been hit!" a usable Instant Radio Message obtainable through the Special Supply Ticket Catalogue.
  • Jean-Louis makes a cameo as an enemy ace during the Ace of Aces variant of Heavy Command Cruiser. However, due to the lack of the Yellow Squadron's signature Su-37 Terminator, he instead flies the Su-47 Berkut.[3]
  • Jean-Louis' surname is mentioned in Hasegawa's Su-33 Yellow model description as "フローベル" (Furōberu),[1] which translates to "Flaubert".
    • Jean-Louis shares his family name with the famous 19th-century French novelist Gustave Flaubert.