Frank Burlington

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"I will deliver one final blow to the enemy as the commander of the Gleipnir. Am I to be denied even that?"
― Frank's last words before crashing

Frank Burlington was the commander of the Gleipnir. He was aboard the Gleipnir during its destruction.[1]


Aurelian War

A week before the Aurelian War, Diego Gaspar Navarro assigned Frank as the Gleipnir's captain.[2]

During the Aurelian War, Frank ordered the Gleipnir crew to prepare the Shock Cannon on the Aurelian ground forces. After Gryphus One destroyed the optical camouflage system, he then ordered the crew to fire SWBMs at Gryphus One. After he destroyed the SWBM ports, the Gleipnir suddenly began to lose altitude. Frank then informed the crew that the mission will not be able to be completed before finally ordering them to prepare the Shock Cannon for use on Santa Elva. Gryphus One then delivered the final blow to the Gleipnir by destroying the cannon, causing the airborne fortress to descend and crash into the Lenal River, miraculously avoiding the city.[1]

His fate after the crash remains ambiguous.