Flame of AX

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Before the two planes take off, capture both of them in one shot. Got it?
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Flame of AX is the eighth and final campaign mission in Ace Combat Xi: Skies of Incursion.


"Operations centered around the naval fleet have gone ahead.
The fleet has set course to defend the capital, Griswall.

Meanwhile, a huge strategic decision was made by
Leasath military command.

The engines of their experimental airborne fortress "Gandr",
a mammoth machine possessing 20 times the thrust of a
normal fighter aircraft, were ignited.

Despite opposition from the engineers of its military creators,
Leasath air force brass ordered delivery of this prototype
nearing completion.
With its theoretical capability to annihilate Aurelian naval fleets,
Leasath top command are forcing it into early service.


The aim of this mission is to destroy the Gandr. Depending on the difficulty, a certain number of Chimera Squadron aces will attempt to protect the Gandr. The player must destroy all of the Gandr's conventional weapons while dodging its SWBMs. After that, the player will have to destroy the SWBM launch port while the missile is being launched.


"And so it was
The fighter "FALCO01", after overcoming an assault by the elite
"chimera squadron"[sic], brought down the aerial fortress "Gandr",
pride of the Leasath military command.
This signaled the end to our 10-days of aerial conflict,
in which we secured a narrow victory.

Our aerial victory, however, did not erase the annihilation
of our important naval fleet,
and with it, our hopes of its ability to defend our capital
and resist the enemy.
In one flash of destruction from Leasath's aerial fortress,
our naval war potential was decimated.

More devastating news was received.
Base Sallqa has been mysteriously purged from existence.
The capital, Griswall, has subsequently fallen to the enemy,
rendering Falco squadron's accomplishments fruitless.
Aurelia has suffered substantial defeat.

10 days after the initial Leasath incursion,
the curtain closes on a seemingly crushing victory by the
"Peoples Republic of Leasath".


  • This is the only mission in the game to have a debriefing.