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We're gonna destroy the Arkbird... are you sure about this?
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This is a list of quotes spoken by Faryd Gaviria primarily during combat or under other non-story related circumstances; including dialogue without subtitles.

Combat Dialogue

Lines spoken during combat in all missions following Capital Defense, including Reprisal.

Japanese Transcription Romanized Japanese (Romaji) English Dub Transcription Notes
準備万端! Junbibantan! All ready to go! Spoken when spotting or targeting the enemy.
逃がさねえ! Nigasanē! You can't get away now! Spoken when locking onto the enemy.
フォックス・ツー! Fokkusu Tsū! Fox Two! Spoken when firing a missile.
当たるかよ! Ataru kayo! You can't hit me! Spoken when firing a missile.
はっはー、当たりだ! Hahha-, atari da! Boom, got you! Spoken after damaging the opponent.
いい加減諦めやがれー! Īkagen akirame yagare-! Do yourself a favor and give up! Spoken when being engaged by the opponent.
ざまあみろ! Zamāmiro! You can't get away! Spoken when engaging the opponent.
振り切ってやらぁ! Furikitte yara~a! I'll shake you off, no problem! Spoken when being tailed by the enemy.
当たらねえよ! Ataranē yo! You're not gonna hit me! Spoken when spotting an incoming missile.
その程度かぁ? Sono teido ka~a? Is that the best you can do? Spoken after the opponent misses an attack.
くそ、奴め! Kuso, yatsume! Damn you, menace! Spoken after receiving damage.
オルゴイもスピリダスも堕としたんだろう?なのにその程度かよ! Orugoi mo Supiridasu mo otoshita ndarou? Nano ni sono teido kayo! You took down Orgoi and Spiridus, and this is all you've got?! Spoken after a nearby enemy has received critical damage.
やられるかよ! Yarareru kayo! Shot em! Spoken if the opponent is consistently firing around his vicinity (i.e. Firing next to him with a machine gun, or constantly firing missiles to the side of him).
了解! Ryōkai! Roger that! Responding to Milosz Sulejmani, particularly after receiving an order to get into formation.

Miscellaneous Dialogue

Non-combat oriented dialogue that occurs during the earlier missions and is not subtitled.

Japanese Transcription Romanized Japanese (Romaji) English Dub Transcription Notes
対空兵器ぐらい先に片付けりゃ問題ねえ! Taikūheiki gurai saki ni katadzukerya mondai nē! Clear out the anti-air guns, so we don't have to worry about them! Giving advice to Antares after being hit by the Orgoi during Capital Defense.