F-22A "Warwolf"

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F-22A Warwolf.jpg

The F-22A "Warwolf" is a downloadable aircraft skin for Ace Combat: Assault Horizon. It was released on February 15, 2011 as part of DLC Pack 07.


The second F-22A Raptor download variant after the "Flash", the Warwolf version displays an special paint scheme themed on Task Force 108's Warwolf Squadron. The plane boasts a multi-color paint scheme, featuring a black nose, gray body and yellow and greem trim. Three black stripes run across the front area of the wingspan, which feature the words "108th Task Force", "WAR WOLF" and "U.S. Air Force" on their left end. The Warwolf team's emblem is featured next to the right vertical stabilizer, while a paw mark is displayed next to the left one. You can also see a wolf on the inner sides of the vertical stabilizers.

The aircraft's rival is the "Akula", a PAK-FA variant.

"Warwolf: Task Force 108 Warwolf Squadron

This ultimate stealth fighter is the pride of the U.S. Armed Forces. Aside from flight performance, it has top class acceleration performance and a two-dimensional thrust deflect nozzle which also gives it outstanding maneuverability. Its preemptive strike power, called "first look, first shoot, first kill," is fitting for an aircraft with the name "Raptor," the master of the skies.

Under the moonlight, the howls of a wolf are even more terrifying than the jaws of a shark!"