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For the Ace Combat: Assault Horizon special operations unit, see Delta Force.

Bravo Team was a ground unit in the ISAF Army during the Continental War. The unit was instrumental in ISAF's major offensive operations at the end of the war.


The soldiers who would eventually form Bravo Team were forced to retreat from the mainland in the initial stages of the continental war. They remained holed up in Saint Ark until ISAF neutralized Erusea's Mount Shezna radar base, at which point they rendezvoused with the rest of ISAF at North Point.[1] Months later, they were part of ISAF's landing force during Operation Bunker Shot.[2]

At some point following Bunker Shot, ISAF's soldiers were reorganized into separate teams, at which point Bravo Team was formed. The unit's earliest-known operation was during the emancipation of San Salvacion, where it was stationed in the city's government complex. Bravo 7 and Bravo 2 confirmed the capture of San Salvacion's Capitol building over the radio.[3]

Bravo Team later participated in Operation Sandstorm in the Whiskey Corridor to neutralize Erusea's final line of defense and open a path to Farbanti.[4]

On September 19, Bravo Team participated in ISAF's operation to capture Farbanti and end the war. The unit was stationed at Silver Bridge, where they requested air support from Mobius 1 to neutralize a battleship and various tanks. After Silver Bridge was secured, Bravo 13 announced that the unit was advancing on Erusea's headquarters, which they later captured with the help of Tango Team.[5]

One week later, Bravo Team was the leading ground force in ISAF's assault on Megalith. Bravo 1 directed all ground units, including Tango Team and Charlie Team, as they infiltrated the fortress and attempted to capture the sub control room. After Mobius 1 destroyed Megalith's three power generators, despite taking heavy losses, Bravo Team captured the room and opened the exhaust vents, allowing Mobius 1 to destroy the large missile in the central silo. Bravo 1 asked for confirmation that Mobius 1 was okay after he flew out of the fortress, and discussed the end of the war with AWACS SkyEye.[6]