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Three game concepts were pitched to Famitsu readers in the magazine's issue for the week of March 26, 2007. These concepts were known as Brave Arms (ブレイブ・アームズ), Second, and Chain Lim!t. All three games would have taken place in the Strangereal world and were to be developed by Project Aces. They would have been the first Project Aces games that didn't involve piloting aircraft.

The images from the Famitsu issue were leaked online on March 24 on NeoGAF.[1] Their sudden appearance prompted many skeptical theories, including the idea that these concepts were simply April Fools' Day jokes.

Brave Arms

Brave Arms information

Brave Arms would have taken place in Sapin in 2025, centered on a regime holding control over the country. The protagonist was a blonde man dressed in a Bionics Armed Suit, who would have joined a resistance movement in Sapin's capital, Gran Rugido, to fight against the regime. One of the supporting characters would have been a female rebel named Anna, regularly accompanying the player in battle. Occasionally, the protagonist would encounter mini-bosses through the story. One particular fight involved a commando named Herzog, who would fight with a combat knife and an MP7 machine pistol.

Gameplay was centered on a melee system in which the player could interact with various objects in the environment, a concept also applied in the other two games. The main enemies - the Sapin regime forces - would fight with a variety of weapons, including batons and firearms, which could be taken from their hands for later use. However, the base weapons given to the player would not be ranged, requiring the player to approach enemies at very close range. Enemy attacks could be countered at the exact moment they would hit, saving the player from damage and setting them up for a destructive attack.

Brave Arms's use of an exoskeleton armor, as well as its combat in urban scenarios, bear similarities to Konami's Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. In addition, one of the characters in the screenshots resembles Revolver Ocelot from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.


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Second information

Chain Lim!t

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Chain Lim!t information


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