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"This is Captain Weeker on the Kestrel. All personnel, listen up. But keep working. Our flyboys have secured air superiority. Now all we've gotta do is advance and break through to the end."
― Weeker[1]

Captain Weeker (first name unknown) was an Osean Maritime Defense Force officer and the first known commanding officer of the OFS Kestrel.


Belkan War

Weeker assumed command of the Kestrel sometime after it was completed between 1992 and 1995. On April 24, 1995, Weeker led the Kestrel and the 3rd Osean Naval Fleet through the Futuro Canal as part of the Allied Forces' Offensive Campaign No. 4101. Under Weeker's command and supported by friendly fighters flying top-cover, the carrier safely passed into the Great Lakes despite suffering light damage.[1]

Post-Belkan War

At some point after the Belkan War, Weeker was succeeded by Nicholas A. Andersen as the Kestrel's captain.[2] Weeker's life after his service aboard the Kestrel remains unknown.


  • Weeker refers to himself as "Commander" in one soundbite from Ace Combat Zero, though this is likely due to his status as Operation Costner's commanding officer.