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All right, gentlemen, it's time to clean house!
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"Launch the Vogels. Get rid of them!"
Schenze to Adler

The Vogel was a type of unmanned combat aerial vehicle employed during the Circum-Pacific War.


After the Arkbird spaceship was taken over by elements of the Belkan Grey Men, it was outfitted with two launch ports in the rear section, which were designed to launch Vogels for self-defense purposes in the case of an enemy attack.

On December 19, 2010, the Razgriz Air Command Squadron launched from Kirwin Island to intercept and destroy the Arkbird before it launched nuclear weapons on the city of Okchabursk, in Yuktobania. After attracting the attention of the ship's crewmen, the pilot, Adler, launched the Vogel aircraft after being ordered by fellow Belkan Schenze. Several Vogels were deployed to protect the Arkbird, but were ultimately destroyed by the Razgriz.[1]


The underside of a Vogel
"Those unmanned aircraft have inhuman maneuverability!"
Marcus Snow, on the Vogels' mobility.

The Vogel UAV is a small automated combat aircraft. They are characterized by their extreme flight speed and mobility. Their speed, unattainable by any conventional fighter, allows them to evade incoming missiles by simply accelerating.

They are also surprisingly durable for their extreme mobile nature, being able to take three standard missiles before collapsing. In comparison, other planes that can take three hits before destruction are high defense attackers, such as the A-10A Thunderbolt II and the Tornado series of jets.

They can also be very aggressive, and have a nasty habit of rearing up behind an unfortunate and keeping very close to them, far too close for their victim to react to incoming attacks.

However, despite their inhuman speed and maneuverability, they do not seem to react to oncoming missiles, and will usually ignore any attacks coming their way. This makes them easy to take down if players can get close enough before they decide to fly off.

Game Analysis

Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War

How to Unlock

This aircraft is not available to the player.