USEA National Anthem -Hymn of Liberty-

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USEA National Anthem -Hymn of Liberty- is a song of the Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies Original Soundtrack. It is the fifteenth song of Disc #1.

A short patriotic anthem, it is sung by pilots of the Independent State Allied Forces at the closing scene of the mission Invincible Fleet and then again by the crowd of San Salvacion citizens celebrating their liberation following the mission Emancipation. Unlike the other songs in the soundtrack, the official version is accompanied by a radio static overlay, with the voice actors of the Invincible Fleet mission credited as the singers. The version heard from the San Salvacion crowd is not included in the soundtrack.


O'er azure skies
And emerald plains
Where freedom and justice prevail
With courage and strength
We'll fight to the end
For liberty in our land.