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"This scenery definitely clashes with my Rock 'n' Roll."
Alvin H. Davenport[1]

Sonza is a rugged, arid region in eastern Yuktobania, northeast of Lake Lyibar[2] and east of the Jilachi Desert.


Yuktobania's Sonza region features expansive salt flats and rugged, low-lying mountain ridges interspersed with rolling hills. Sonza is sparsely populated, and its landscape is primarily composed of sand, exposed rock, and dry scrub. Possibly due to its close proximity to the Jilachi Desert, the area experiences little rainfall throughout the year.



At some point prior to the Circum-Pacific War, Gründer Industries offered the blueprints of the ADF-01 FALKEN to Yuktobania, which accepted the deal and built multiple FALKEN production facilities around the country, including one at Sonza.[3][4]

Circum-Pacific War

The radar network built around the facility

At some point, Yuktobania constructed a munitions manufacturing facility and adjoining airfield in the Sonza region. Following the Osean Army's invasion of the Yuktobanian mainland in early November 2010, Sonza became a critical part of Yuktobania's war effort. On November 7, Wardog Squadron flew to Sonza and penetrated the early warning radar network surrounding the facility. Wardog destroyed the factory and its surrounding infrastructure, which dealt a significant blow to the Yuktobanians' defensive efforts. Sonza was subsequently occupied by the Osean Army for the remainder of the war.[1]