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Samanov was the serving Prime Minister of Yuktobania in 1991.


On September 2, 1991, Samanov announced to the attendants of an upper party convention that the construction of a new class of submarine that was pursued jointly by the Bureau of Military Industry and the Navy was a success. He emphasized that this administration's large-scale military modernization program has been proceeding extremely smoothly, and urged both the party and people to rise even further into action to support Yuktobania's allies.[1]

In addition to his announcement, Samanov made the following appeal: "We are concerned that yesterday's movements towards independence in the Belkan Federation are the result of Osea using their strong influence to reorganize Belka according to their own selfish interests. We must resolve to stand our position with courage in order to deter this chaos which does nothing to benefit the development of the region."[1]


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