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The OFS Puffin was an Osean landing ship under the command of Captain Robin Airey that served during the Lighthouse War. She was crippled by the rogue Erusean super-submarine Alicorn during Operation Sighthound.


On September 4, 2019, the Puffin and a detatchment of Osean Navy ships set sail for Artiglio Port in order to capture the advanced Erusean Royal Navy submarine Alicorn and her arsenal of weapons of mass destruction while she remained at port, in hopes of using them as leverage during post-war negotiations. Backed by Osean fighters, including ace pilot Trigger and the Strider Squadron the fleet apprached the port without much damage taken. [1]

However, following the renunciation of his allegiance to Erusea, Captain Matias Torres ordered the Alicorn to open fire on the Puffin with her railguns. As the submarine began her escape from the area, one round was fired upon the ship, killing Airey and an unknown number of sailors.[1]