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"This is the AA cruiser Excalibur. The ship blocking us up ahead, you've got to move away! We can't use our SPY radar!"
― OFS Excalibur crewman

The OFS Excalibur was an Osean Ticonderoga-class Aegis cruiser attached to the 3rd Osean Naval Fleet. The Excalibur provided anti-air defense using its SPY radar system to detect and track hostile aircraft and anti-ship missiles.


The Excalibur was constructed sometime before 2010; her battle record prior to the Circum-Pacific War remains unknown. At some point, however, she was assigned to the OMDF's 3rd Osean Naval Fleet, which was stationed at St. Hewlett naval port.

On September 27, 2010, St. Hewlett fell under attack by Yuktobanian aircraft. The 3rd Fleet's surviving warships, including the Excalibur, quickly mobilized and began heading towards the port exit. During its escape attempt, however, the Excalibur's path was blocked by another Osean warship, which prevented accurate use of her SPY radar. The Excalibur's communications officer urgently ordered the other vessel to move away, thereby allowing the Excalibur to support her fellow warships as they sailed towards open waters.[1]

It is unknown if the Excalibur survived the bombing of St. Hewlett.



  • The Excalibur does not appear to be with the Kestrel by early December 2010; this could imply that she was either reassigned, damaged, or sunk sometime before then.
  • The Excalibur's SPY radar is an integral part of the United States Navy's Aegis Combat System.